Minnesota United ( Abu Danladi )

Soccer Player
Minnesota United Player

I am from Minnesota and I’ve been living here for most my life and their soccer team is finally playing in the MLS. They just joined this season and they have 3 wins 2 draws 5 losses they are number 7 on the table. I went to the soccer game on Sunday 5/8/17 they played Sporting KC they are Number 2 in the table. Minnesota United played a good game against Sporting KC , 12,000 fans went to the game and the Minnesota United fans where cheering and clapping for them. Abu Danladi is 21 years old and he is from Ghana and he is a striker. I feel like he is going to be an important player for Minnesota United because he is fast and strong , he creates changes for goals and scores goals too. He is good player that can do a lot of stuff in the field


5 thoughts on “Minnesota United ( Abu Danladi )

  1. You did a good job at describing your experience at the game and your excitement that Minnesota has a Soccer team. Good job and keep up the great work buddy.


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